Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Conrad Quadrocopter

This was my second flight with the new rarely available Quadrocopter. It's ready built and has quite decent flight abilities as you can see in the vid.
The QC has plenty of power and should be able to carry some FPV equipment (cam, TX). The flighttime is good - I have no exact measurement yet but it should be around 10mins with 2000mah 3cell lipo.


Das war mein zweiter Flug mit dem schwer verfügbaren und schon lange angekündigten - Fertig-Quadrocopter von Conrad. Man braucht nur mehr Rotoren montieren, Quarz rein (35MHz Empfänger nicht tauschbar!) und nach einer kurzen Setup Routine geht's los.

Die Power genügt sicher auch für FPV Ausrüstung.
Über die Flugzeit kann ich noch nichts Genaues berichten - ca. 10min mit einem 2000mah 3cell Lipo würd' ich schätzen.


Montag, 20. April 2009

Twinstar flying - just for fun

One flight without FPV:

This was a day after my Cularis crash. I just wanted to be back in the air quick - without problems. Just enjoying the landscape. Alltough it was quite windy it was fun. Especially the landing approach with full flaps against heavy winds!
And without FPV on board the Twinstar was so lightweight - I could soar a great ammount of time.

and two with FPV equipment:

(quality could be better - but it was great fun to fly there)

Cularis - Better Starts!

Cularis Wingmounts, Start and Landing By Mario Schimanko
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This is to show the off standard servo connectors on the wings.
This is my first good start - due to a mix of down elevator to gas (the other starts were to steep in the sky - too slow therefore and aileron response was bad because of low speed - whatch my maiden video for example:

Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Twinstar - 3 videos with new FPV-Cam position!!!

3PV stands for thrid person view - instead of FPV this time :-)
I thought mounting the cam on a panservo on the vertical stabilizer would give an unique fiew of the plane while flying:

I love to see all the control surfaces working - and of course the wing-flex while flying fast.

Music: Rammstein (Sonne, Amerika, Feuer Frei)

This was the second day with the new cammount. This time I tilted the cam a bit more down.

I'm getting used to the low pass flying (but I'm cautious).
I got a way better video-signal by mounting the video TX antenna on the plane in a straight, vertical position.
On the las vid (Easter Special) I had it some 45degree - but this wasn't a good idea. I even had a blackout of about 15secs! Wasn't a nice experience not knowing where I fly (lucky that I was high enough).

Music: Cat Powers - Willi

This is some kind of bonus feature. Didn't do much editing here - this get's to time consuming otherwise.
Btw. the video is darker on vimeo than on my PC - does anyone know this issue?

Music: Franz Ferdinand

Montag, 6. April 2009

Cularis Crash

Cularis Crash (after FPV tests) By Mario Schimanko
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I tried to transfer my FPV equipment from Twinstar to Cularis (she should handle the weight much easier) and made a simple mistake:
The Lumix has some ammount of drag - I think that alone wouldn't be a problem.
But I centered the lense and not the cam - so the weight balance was moved to the right and also the drag accounts more to the right side.

The outcome is this video, some repairs and last but not least the gathering of some knowledge (this is why I posted this here - learn from my errors, don't ignore weight balance and aerodynamics...).

The plane is OK now, don't worry!
This is the repaired nose - should even be more sturdy with the tape now:


Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

My biggest and my smallest plane!

Cularis Maiden Flight from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.
As promised - here's the vid from my first 10mins of flying the cularis. A great plane and my entry to sailplane flying.

First few seconds scared me 'cause the cularis instantly points its nose down when entering a curve with ailerons! That feels so different to the Twinstar flight characteristics!!

But soon as I gained some height (which goes incredibly fast with the strong motor) you can turn of the engine and lean back! Soaring looks so majestic!

Last but not least - the butterfly (flaps and spoilerons) worked great and helped me slowing down the bird for my first landing.

Battery use: 3mins 35sek and 78% left after flight, using a 3200mah 3cell battery.
Gives me a good point to start my FPV flying on the next level.

Vapor HD (720p) from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.
This is a funny slowflyer! Not really for home-indoor use - as long as you don't have a really huge villa...

With little or no wind it's great for the backyard.
It's also nice to sail against a light wind - you get the kite feeling.

As this plane is compatible to the Blade mcx micro heli I already had - I bought the "bind and fliy" version only. After some flights I modified the battery-connector to fit to my homemade batteries (longer fligttime!).