Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Video Update: Cularis at Huyckfield & Tucan high and low on Eichberg

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Pavel Masek hat gesagt…

@Answer about GoPro HD 1920x1080 Cularis Sample on youtube...Hi Mario, something broken on my youtube - I can't put there any comments. Thanks again about raw clips... I watched maybe all your videos with Go pro (and Paul Thomson's,...) ;-). In future (when I buy Go pro) I will see which mode is best for me. Now I prefer quality on my 1080p LCD and 120° is good enough for me. btw. Here I found comparing video about video modes of Go pro HD ( ) .... the best is the last picture :-D; youtube has max. framerate 30 fps, vimeo (maybe) 24fps. Pavel (neighbour from Czech Rep.)