Freitag, 13. März 2015

Bebop or MiniQuad - how to start the FPV hobby? Flights, RCSchim News Update

I get asked very often "what's the easiest way to get into this hobby? and how much is it?".
Recently I reviewed and tested the Bebop drone which is really the easiest way. I try to show you the difference between such a RTF kit and getting a MiniQuad with "normal" FPV equipment.
You see that the Bebop is really easy to fly (my girlfriend flew it like a pro on the first try) but if you want to go advanced (like me trying to fly through an obstacle filled garage) it's not so easy anymore.
So this might be a dead-end for you. If you want a "real" FPV miniquad later - you'd have to buy everything again...
Flying with MiniQuad through the same course was easy (evenn if this was my first flight with the Mini after 2 month). Only mishap: crashed after landing (note 2 self: disarm on KK2 is different than Naza ;-)
Later you see some nice flight scenes on a Hill in great sunlight (spring is coming!) and many updates and news on future projects and reviews:
- ezAntenna Tracker V2
- Aaronia Spektran HF 6065 great Spectrometer!
- WiDV (2.4ghz FULLHD video transmission - Alternative to lightbridge!)
- ImmersionRC Vortex (RTF Quad!)
- Ghost repaired - waiting for testflight to conclude
Shoppinglist: (as of 13.3.2015):
Bebop: 500€
Bebop with Skycontroller 900€
MiniQuad: Droneframes DRQ250
from (choose US or EU)
looks like the also have an ARTF kit now:
FPV gear:
with this search: you see different IRC accessories you will need:
Video Transmitter 5.8
Video Receiver (if you don't have one in your goggles)
Antennas (get SPW Spironet for better results than normal antennas)
Fatshark Dominator V2:
or Dominator HD
Batteries (Nanotech 1500 3cell):
No, I'm not hobbyking sponsored - these are just examples. But their shop works good and you find a lot of things there.
Make sure your items are on stock - maybe in a warehouse near you - or else you pay customs and wait longer. (for infos on the Vortex, ezAntennatracker)
or this video:
Thunder Tiger Ghost+:

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