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RCSchim haunted by a Ghost! (GPS Follow me), Crash and weak landing gear

Quad: Thunder Tiger Ghost+ with Morpheus 3 axis gimbal
(for detailed description look below and also the other videos linked down below).

In this 3rd part you see a demo of the "follow me" mode. First I was sceptic but on this open hill it was really nice to see this tech stuff work so well. Smartphone sends GPS coords over wifi to Hero Flightcontroll in the Ghost copter. The FC compares it's own GPS coords and navigates to the smartphones position. Works well.
Before the follow me test I just flew some LOS tests up there with way too low gains - ended in a crash. Stick with recommended gains!

with / without Gimbal
Roll: 55 / 45
Nick: 55 / 45
Sway: 95 / 80

In the next video (maybe the last of the review series) I show you the FPV capabilities and more stabilized onboard footage.
Maybe I can get a 100% working battery also and do some real endurance tests to see the true flighttimes. I estimate 15mins with gimbal.

Size: 450mm (motor2motor)
Weight: 2.25kg
Motors: 28x14mm 450kv
ESC: 30A - 6S
Props: 11x5
(FULL SPECS in first videos description!

PART 1: unboxing and review

PART 2: build video and indepth review

PART 3 (this one here) Follow me mode tests

PART 4: FPV Tests and gimbal performance (tbd)

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