Samstag, 28. März 2015

MiniQuad racing through woods, chasing and crashing

I show you some nice new places to fly in this video! First the "Wolves Canyon" in my hometown. Used to be a quarry but was filled up with the earth from the huge construction (railway tunnel).
Now they did some gardening and in a few years it will be a nice green hill again.
The sand grader structure was nice gate to fly through.
Nearby is a nice wood forrestal road up with not so dense woods - I wanted too much there - a leave covered my sight ;-)
On the old spot (Eichberg) I again flew thru the pavillion (regular viewers should recognise this). This time a bit faster than normally. Also crashed there in the woods (you cant prevent that) ;-)

And some really nice shots from a meeting with Hover82 and "MoreThanRC" at the "Schneeberg" which is a majestic view in the background. See their flights with wings up to the peak (1,2km height!) here:

Zeph2 Downhill:

Wipeout @ Mountain:
2xWipeout chasing:

The music track in this vid is a great cover version (considering the age of these girls!) and lets me use a good tune without getting it banned ;-) Let me know if you don't like this kind of soundtrack - it helped me a lot to cut the video in the right speed and mood...

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Kevin McLeod - Movement Proposition (Intro)
Enter Sandman - Metallica - performed here from "The Warning"

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